Easy Everyday makeup routine - 10 products or less

Your perfect guide to quick and easy makeup!

Have you ever thought about "how much makeup do I actually need on a normal day?" Depending on the type of person you are, you may go full glam everyday or be sufficient with a true no makeup look. Well, either way I'm here to help you determine the basics for any flawless everyday look! Check out my tips below!

1) PRIMER - After your normal skincare routine, you always need to help prep your skin for foundation. While moisturizer is great, using a primer creates a soft and even base for your foundation to glide smoothly and evenly over your skin. Depending on your skin type, feel free to use a primer that helps control oil if you have oily skin or one that provides hydration. My favorite primers include the Mary Kay Foundation Primer (w/SPF) or the Benefit Porefessional Primer. Both work great at creating an even base and oil control but the MK primer is a great dupe if you're looking for drugstore pricing! :)

2) FOUNDATION - Now, this product can vary in all shapes, forms, and sizes. Whether you are a full coverage glam girl or just applies powder before she leaves the door, foundation is a MUST! Think of it as the barrier or windshield for your skin to the outside world. Foundation of course helps to even your skin tone, provide coverage for unwanted friends (goodbye pimples & pores) but also acts as an everyday flawless filter for you!

3) CONCEALER - This product is definitely optional for those who don't worry about uneven skin tone or dark circles but raise your hand if you need a little concealer in your life! I use concealer both to conceal & highlight (i.e. help bring forth certain areas on my face).

4) "TRANSLUCENT" POWDER: I'm not a total powder girl, but if there's one product I must have--it's translucent powder. It's great at setting your under eye area after concealer but also perfect to set the entire face; especially for those of us in warmer climates (hello summer in Florida!).

5) BROWS - Another product you can skip if you have naturally full and beautiful brows. But if you are like me, filling in your brows just helps to add shape and dimension to your face. Whether you are an insta-brow kind of girl or just need to color a few sparse areas, brows are definitely an essential for me everyday! My favorite brow pencils right now float between the Mary Kay Precision Brow Liners in Dark Brunette & Brunette or of course the cult favorite- Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Medium Brown.

6) BLUSH - Enough said, every girl needs just a quick touch of a flush pink or red to the cheeks!

7) EYE SHADOW - This product is definitely a little tricky depending on how you want to look. For the sake of this post, let's focus on a quick everyday eye shadow. My go to is an eye cream. When you need to quickly get out of the house, just toss on a quick taupe or golden eye cream color that you can apply with your fingers (no brushes needed!). My favorite at the moment is "Apricot Glaze" by Mary Kay! So perfect for spring/summer.

8) MASCARA - It doesn't matter how many products you use, I don't think we'll ever disregard the effects of what mascara does! Apply to just the upper lashes or include your bottom lashes. Mascara will forever be a part of our everyday, glam day, wedding day makeup looks!

9) FINISHING SPRAY - I know not everyone is a believer in makeup finishing sprays but I'm telling you--find a good one and you'll be hooked!

10) LIPS - Last but not least, always finish with a lip color. Whether a lip gloss, lip stick, lip stain, or even lip balm, always complete your looks with lips and a smile! :)